We stand for a world in which creative people can pursue their dream
to freely create and find a destination for their talent, because there
will always be someone believing in their value.

we are

We are the first Sharing Entertainment
We are a collaboration platform allowing creators to monetize their video projects
while enabling brands to realize powerful
video strategies.

We are the place where all creative ideas can find their destination. We are the space
where all creators can express their talent, wherever they are, whatever they tell,
because there will always be someone
believing in their value.


We believe there is a universe of unexplored opportunities right behind the horizon line. We are eager to explore them, jumping that line.
We want collaboration to be the key to create a new value: the value of talent.

We want creators from all over the world to take part to a great project:

we will help them to build a collaboration space to free their creativity, and brands will join this revolution by helping them to believe in their talent.

We want to improve collaboration among creative people for creating and worldwide sharing great entertainment stories. We want to revolutionize the world of creativity.

We start from inspiration.

We turn talent into valuable.

Sharing Inspiration

We stand for a world in which creative people can pursue their dream to freely create.
We want to give creative people the opportunity to believe there will always be a place for their ideas, which will be watched and shared by millions of people from every part of the world. That’s why we support creators to express their talent, creating great entertaining stories and spreading them globally. Make it happen. Join us and turn your ideas into reality.

Find Great Entertainment

We believe the best ideas rise from unconstrained thinking and creative freedom. Brief undermines creativity. That’s why we allow brands to satisfy their storytelling needs by relying on the widest variety of free creative ideas conceived by our worldwide community of creators. We make it possible with our technological platform, a place where to easily find all the essential video contents for every brand communication demand. Join us and find the ideas you weren't looking for.

How we
got here

Our innovation
awarded by

Italian Champion
for Innovation

European Business Awards,

Bright Future Ideas Award, Vision for Growth

UK Trade and Investment, 2012

Most Innovative Company of the Year in Europe

International Business Award, 2016

Premio dei Premi per l’innovazione

From Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, 2013

Best 50 Scaleup in UK

London, 2015

Digital Italian Champion, Italian Foreign Office & ICE

WEBIT, Istanbul, 2014

Best Start Up in Europe, Start up Nation Prize

Israel, 2012

Forrester Groundswell Awards

USA, 2015

SEC2SV Best EuropeanScaleup

Silicon Valley, 2015