Social-first videos and data driven marketing boost Land Rover’s latest campaign with Mosaicoon

The automotive industry bets again on video versioning and A/B testing to maximize the performance of online communication. Following the successful experience of Toyota and Volkswagen, Land Rover has taken advantage of Mosaicoon’s data-driven marketing solution, with the aim of increasing awareness on the new Discovery Sport.


Two versions of the original video selected by Land Rover (which was designed as a social-first content - short, catchy from the first frames and usable in sound-off) were produced and branded in less than two weeks. Speed and cost scaling are two key characteristics of the Mosaicoon model, which maximizes the efficiency of creative video production.


The campaign's claim, "Do not set limits on adventure. Everyone agrees on Discovery Sport", is enhanced by the video creatives, which highlight the complexity of packing up the stuff and needs  of different members of a family.


Media distribution was planned according to Land Rover’s requests through online tools integrated into the Mosaicoon solution: an A/B test on the two videos thus allowed to dynamically optimize the campaign, maximizing reach and increasing the return on investment.


The videos scored more than 920,000 views, reached over 2 million people and generated more than 5,300 clicks, plus a 12% increase of the Ad Recall Lift.


"Thanks to the videos chosen on Mosaicoon we were able to convey one of the most important product features of Discovery Sport, that is versatility, in an unconventional way” comments Dario Cesari, Digital Marketing Specialist at Land Rover. "The videos usually commissioned by our headquarters are not always able to fully express the product proposition: through these original contents we have managed to communicate the correct message, reaching our target audience in an ironic and appropriate way".


The campaign’s videos are visible on Land Rover’s Facebook page:

> Father VS Daughter

> Man VS Woman