Mosaicoon at Italian Fintech Forum

Mosaicoon will participate in the Italian Fintech Forum, the most important event on Italian Financial Technology and Blockchain that will take place in Milan on April 12.


International Fintech CEOs will come from all over the world to discuss growth and innovation. Alongside Ugo Parodi Giusino, the CEO and founder of Mosaicoon, there will be other Fintech CEOs and innovators, such as Ian Morley (Chairman Wentworth Hall), Fabio Pezzotti (Founder and CEO Iconium), Henry Liu (Chief of Investments at Yeoman's Capital), Stefano Tresca (iSeed Managing Partner), Lorenzo Ait (CEO Liquid Business Formula), Natale Consonni (ISG & ICQ Founder; Luxochain Founder), Claudio Bedino (Oval Monay Co-Founder), Roman Kaufman (HOQU Co-Founder; IBCG Co-Founder), Luigi Maisto (Myg21 Founder) and Luca Terragni (PrestaCap CCO & Partner).


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