Mosaicoon wins Facebook’s Video Case Study Competition

The data-driven video marketing campaign developed by Mosaicoon for Danone has won Facebook’s Video Case Study Competition for being a best practice in video testing.  


A data comparison between Mosaicoon’s video campaign and the prior TV commercial highlighted a +51% increase in the average viewing time, +75% in audience retention in the first 10 seconds of the video, and +500% in the click-through rate.  


The contest was part of Facebook’s Video Research & Innovation Program, aimed at the co-creation of guidelines for excellent video performance with their Marketing Partners. Mosaicoon is one of 18 companies selected last year globally, and is the first Creative Marketing Partner in Italy to have a specific focus on video.  


Danone’s case study was presented during the Facebook Global Marketing Solutions Summit 2018, involving more than 5000 Facebook Sales and Marketing representatives.  

Mosaicoon’ s campaign for Danone  


To launch their new Activia yogurt drink, Danone had planned a TV commercial targeting women who are always in a hurry. To promote the product through Facebook, the company involved Mosaicoon in the creation of three video ads tailored for three specific female consumer segments (moms, career women and fashion lovers).  


Mosaicoon’s innovative creation, branding and distribution process allowed delivery of three creative videos in less than half the time usually needed for the traditional video production process, reaching top performance levels.  


Danone chose an original video from the Mosaicoon catalog, which was then tailored for their target audience segments. The production and branding process only took 13 days to complete. The videos were then advertised on Facebook through a campaign targeting the three aforementioned segments.  


Using social-first creative videos, optimized for the distribution on Facebook and targeted towards specific audience types, Danone could raise the bar on their video marketing performance, for both product awareness and engagement.  


“Facebook’s international acknowledgement confirms the strength of Mosaicoon’s innovation path” comments CEO Ugo Parodi Giusino from the tech company’s headquarters. “Our model is meant to turn video marketing into an increasingly scalable, performing and measurable process.”  


The Video Case Study diffused by Facebook is available on the Facebook Marketing Partners page: