Passions ignite YouTube: the video chosen by Poste Italiane on Mosaicoon is among the 10 most popular ads of 2017

"Take care of your passions, we'll take care of the bills!". That’s the message from the Poste Italiane video, which has climbed the YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2017 ranking among the top 10 most popular advertising videos of the past year.


The invitation to save time and cultivate passions has been displayed over 600,000 times on Poste Italiane’s social channels. One of the main reasons for the success of the video is in the format: not the classic commercial, but a video tutorial in line with popular web trends, that users on social networks can easily enjoy. Since the viewers were genuinely interested in the do-it-yourself techniques shown in the video, they also welcomed the brand's message.


The video was sold by the Bearoll production company through the Mosaicoon video content marketing platform, in collaboration with the OMD media center. It has been branded and delivered in an exceptionally short time: in fact, the innovation introduced by the Italian tech company lead to a significant reduction in the time and costs of the traditional production process.

Leveraging Mosaicoon, brands can find the ideal videos for their communication objectives directly on the platform’s catalog, select Branding Options for fast customization and launch video marketing campaigns effectively, in few days.


The CEO of Mosaicoon, Ugo Parodi Giusino, comments: "We are very pleased that one of the videos on our platform has entered the list of the most popular video ads on YouTube, because it confirms that our model works. This is a rewarding recognition, confirming Mosaicoon as a revolutionary platform that is qualitatively changing the advertising process, connecting brands and creatives from all over the world ".