Roma Capitale chooses 3 videos from Mosaicoon platform to Endear Tourists to #EnjoyRespectRoma

Rome Capitale has chosen 3 short, impactful and web-oriented videos from the video content platform Mosaicoon to promote sustainable tourism and spread respectful behaviors towards the eternal beauty of the Capital.


From October 24th to the end of December, the campaign called #EnjoyRespectRoma will be live on the web and social networks in Italy and other countries where the largest number of visitors emerge - United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France.  


The videos are fun, easy-to-share, and carry on the slogan launched by UNWTO to celebrate the "International Year of Sustainable Tourism”, that is "Travel, enjoy, respect". The first clip is entitled "A unique place". It gives a general presentation of the tourist destinations; also playing on the visuals of the capital's charm by evoking local flavors and traditions. Here is it:

Each video is in English with subtitles in the respective languages of the countries where they will be published. The videos will be online for about 10 days, with the goal of reaching a total of 600,000 views.


"The campaign aims to increase awareness of the impact of tourism on the city; and the usefulness of a responsible attitude to its sustainable development. Unfortunately, in the face of ever-increasing mass tourism, there is also an attitude that is not compatible with the preservation of places of incomparable beauty that must be protected in the interest of all. The message is in English because it aims to reach the largest number of visitors in the world, regardless of age and origin. The images and concepts used will, however, be universal. A pleasant tourist experience goes hand in hand with respect for the city. In summary, Rome is welcoming with those who respect it” declares Adriano Meloni, the assessor of the Economic Development and Tourism of Roma Capitale.


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